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What Do Faculty and Students Want from a Library?

This week we’ve been talking about academic libraries. We’re trying to define success and surface behaviors that impede success for libraries. Librarians have a loud voice in this conversation, but it’s not the only voice. One comment that came up yesterday was library staff and library administration having a shared vision. What happens when library leadership… Read more »


What Does an Unsuccessful Academic Library Look Like?

Yesterday, I started off the discussion with the question, “What does a successful academic library look like?” While there were a lot of people who read the post, no one left any comments. So instead of defining success, which may be harder to do; let’s define the negative and see what takes shape. Of course,… Read more »


What Does a Successful Academic Library Look Like?

I considered a lot of different titles for this post. There are the popular phrases like “re-imagining the library,”  “re-envisioning the library,” or “the future of libraries;” but, librarians and library advocates have been throwing those words around for years. Then, there was the edge-of-the-cliff approach. Something like, “take the library off life support,” or… Read more »


Work Smarter With Trello

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for low cost (okay, free) software for managing projects in both my professional and personal life. These projects range from digital library collections, a literary journal, and a wedding. Some software, like Sharepoint, I’ve had to use. While other software, such as Google Sites, I return to because… Read more »


Code School Launches Ruby Bits Part 2

If you haven’t checked out Code School, it’s a great self-paced tutorial site for learning how to code, similar to Codecademy, but with a much different look and feel. While MOOC’s may open up education as well, not all of us can follow along to a course schedule. Now that you know about Code School,… Read more »

Digital Humanities

How to Become a Digital Humanities Swiss Army Knife

Alright, we got it. The market stinks. There’s never enough time. The digital divide is growing. And if you’re looking to jump the chasm to the marketable promised land, it’s time to be a digital humanist. <bracket_that type=”word”> First, start putting words between brackets. This can begin through emails to colleagues. <yikes>Just saw a student… Read more »


Open Access Explained

If you are a librarian, you may be aware that it’s Open Access Week. If you are a faculty member, you may have heard the term open access spoken to you by a librarian. Think back. It’s there. It may also be muddled with something like journal subscriptions. Bundling. The big deal. If you’ve interacted… Read more »


Teaching with Teleconference Tips

This semester, I’ve worked with a number of faculty who are using teleconferencing technology in the classroom. So far, we’ve had faculty members simultaneously teaching sessions to their students and to students in China, interacting with experts in the field, partnering with classes from another institution for interdisciplinary sessions, coordinating discussions remotely from the DNC, and participating… Read more »


Scalar and the Knotted Line

Right now, someone is doing something incredibly cool and you’ve never heard of it. Maybe, you’ve never imagined it. Even with our overly interconnected world, cool things can pass you by. Today, I saw Scalar mentioned on Twitter. Scalar is a piece of software being created by the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture and is… Read more »

Higher Education

Dropbox Space Race

It’s 2012 and the Space Shuttle Endeavour recently crawled through Los Angeles. Think the space race is over? Not according to Dropbox. The service launched a marketing strategy in the form of a contest aimed at higher education. The prize is more space in your Dropbox account for registering a verified .edu address. You’ll also gain… Read more »