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Author’s Guild vs HathiTrust: Mass Digitization Is Fair Use

Score one for open access. This week a judge ruled that mass digitization counts as fair use. The Author’s Guild brought the suit against the HathiTrust, an online digital library consortium of academic libraries that was partially built from content universities gained from participating in Google’s book scanning project. Read more at InfoDocket.

Digital Humanities


This month I’m attending a workshop on Neatline. The software works with Omeka and seems like it may be a low barrier mapping tool. Right now, I’m imagining it as geo-referencing software that allows users to more easily create maps and display information. Have you used Neatline, and if so, what was your experience?


Google Course Builder

Is it too soon to call 2012 the year of the MOOC?* In case you don’t want to be left out of the MOOC craze sweeping academia, maybe you should start your own MOOC. Sounds great, but where to start? Last month Google quietly released Google Course Builder for anyone to use. For more information,… Read more »

Programming & Hacks

WordPress Themes

It’s been months since I last messed around with WordPress themes. My goal for today was to have a page show content from multiple categories. I’ve come across it before, but couldn’t get it to work. Then, discovered the category taxonomy solved my problem by setting the topmost category as a menu item. What’s your… Read more »



If you’ve found this site, obviously you’re on the cutting edge of technology in education. Or, you have some well-calibrated Google Alerts. Either way, thanks for visiting and put us in your feed. Eduhacker was created for a few reasons. One reason is that in my current job I work with faculty members at a… Read more »