Digital Humanities

Link: How the Humanities Compute in the Classroom

Computer-assisted scholarship in the humanities dates back decades. In the past five years, though, the kinds of work collectively known as the digital humanities have taken on fresh luster. Observers have called this technology-inflected research “the next big thing.”

Beyond the headlines and hoopla, digital scholarship has begun to work its way into the academic ecosystem. In the following collection of articles, read more about how the digital humanities play now in the undergraduate classroom, whether they pay off in tenure and promotion, and what it takes to create a work of digital scholarship that will last.

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities LibGuide

The semester is rapidly coming a close at Hampshire College! Yesterday, Intro to DH published its final project, a Digital Humanities LibGuide that the class collaboratively created during the the last month. LibGuides have long been tools for librarians to communicate to users about the types of resources available to them on a particular topic… Read more »