Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities LibGuide

The semester is rapidly coming a close at Hampshire College! Yesterday, Intro to DH published its final project, a Digital Humanities LibGuide that the class collaboratively created during the the last month. LibGuides have long been tools for librarians to communicate to users about the types of resources available to them on a particular topic… Read more »

Digital Humanities

It Takes a Village to Teach DH

It takes a village to teach intro to DH. I firmly believe that digital humanities is a team sport where faculty, technologists, and librarians play an equal part. This orientation is especially true in my intro to dh course. This semester, Jim and I have been lucky that many of our colleagues from the other… Read more »

Digital Humanities

Bring Your Awesome

Here’s a link to a post “Risk Being Awesome,” that I wrote for Collegiate Collaborations. We talk about collaboration and doing cool projects, but what are the barriers stopping us? And, are those barriers real or perceived? Don’t wait for the opportunity to come along. Bring your awesome and do something.


Austin College Digital Humanities Colloquium Wrap-up

Written by Matthew Windsor, Visiting Librarian at Hendrix College. Austin College Humanities Division faculty recently hosted a Digital Humanities Colloquium, bringing together digital media experts from around the country (and Hong Kong) to facilitate a discussion on the intersection of the digital world with the humanities. For those of you who were unable to attend… Read more »

Digital Humanities

Welcome to Intro to DH!

Hi! I’m Caro Pinto and I’m the Critical Social Inquiry Librarian at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts. I think of myself as a five-tool librarian (a baseball metaphor there – go Red Sox!) who oversees collections, teaches research education classes, pushes the boundaries of technology in libraries, wrangles workflows, and meets with rad students. I’m… Read more »