K-12 Education

Students Embrace Mobile Reading and Improve Skills with Copia

In a recent press release, Copia announced the development of  “an enhanced version of its learning solution specifically designed to meet the needs of K-12 students and educators.” The New Open World (NOW) Academy in Los Angeles has been piloting the software since summer 2012 in order to improve students’ reading skills as well as their… Read more »

K-12 Education

Focus on Curriculum not Who’s in the Code.org Video

Code.org produced a video with a message to kids. The message can be distilled to a few basic ideas. Coding is cool. Programming isn’t hard. Programming leads to awesome jobs. More K-12 schools should teach programming. And, everyone should learn how to code. However, instead of talking about the lack of programming in K-12 curriculum, Twitter… Read more »


The Quantified Self in Education

A unique trend has begun to emerge in wearable technology. Most are referring to this as the “quantified self.” In short, it is the idea that daily, mundane activities, which we have previously paid no attention to have become interesting as technology has found a way to quantify them. Thus, I use a fitbit to… Read more »

K-12 Education

Pre-K – 12 Teaching Tech Infographic

PBS Learning Media put together this infographic from their recent survey on how teachers use technology in the classroom. Teachers from pre-kindergarten through high school were surveyed. Source: www-tc.pbs.org via PBS on Pinterest