Where Do Your Students Hangout Online?

There’s an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education “Go Where the Students Are: Facebook” that urges educators to ditch Blackboard or Moodle and take class discussion to Facebook. When someone in their 40’s says they know where teenagers are on the Internet or what their online behavior is like, pause, and do some research… Read more »


Psychologists Research Online Learning

Science Daily reports on new research from Harvard’s Daniel Schacter, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Psychology, and Karl Szpunar, a postdoctoral fellow in psychology, which examines how students learn online and compete with distractions. Ironically, Schacter said, while online classes have exploded in popularity in the past few years, there remains “shockingly little” hard… Read more »


Online Learning and the Tyranny of the Database

A recent Techcrunch article concerning MOOCs suggested that a majority of people teaching online felt their online course shouldn’t count for college credit. And yet, a refrain I have heard several times recently is that online courses are actually more difficult than the face-to-face course, which got me thinking about what exactly is meant by… Read more »


Kickstarting Education

Written by Russell Warner. With public education funding coming under increasing scrutiny, it can be difficult for teachers to insure that they are addressing basic educational needs, let alone find the capacity or space in their budgets to do something creative or original. So, like many artists that have chosen to trod the new territory… Read more »

Higher Education

Supporting Faculty through Their Career Lifecycle

Over the weekend, I met Dr. Adrienne E. Christiansen and learned about the Jan Serie Center for Teaching and Scholarship at Macalester College. Dr. Christiansen is the center’s director and spoke with colleagues from the Associated Colleges of the South. What piqued my interest was the approach to support faculty throughout their careers, instead of just… Read more »