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Job: Director Digital Experience at New York Public Library

Overview The Mission of the New York Public Library is to Inspire Life­Long Learning, Advance Knowledge and Strengthen Communities. An integral part of this mission requires us to go beyond our historical focus on providing access to the vast resources of the New York Public Library and to deepen and broaden our commitment to enabling reading, learning, and the creation of new knowledge in a bimodal world (physical and digital).  The Director Digital Experience plays a leading role in making this a reality. Responsibilities Reporting to the Chief Library Officer of The New York Public Library, the Director, Digital Experience leads the experimentation, incubation, implementation and portfolio management of the digital user experience. The roles purpose is to build  and deliver a set of inspiring service offerings to every single user whether they act alone or in collaboration with others. This role partners with internal and external stakeholders to identify, design, incubate and ensure delivery of an excellent user experience across all our digital properties to foster reading, learning and creativity. This position is part of a senior management team responsible for NYPL’s program strategy and exceptional standard of service throughout our physical and digital environment. As part of our service offering, the qualified candidate will have direct oversight of the NYPL innovation program (includes NYPL Labs), the vision and direction of our digital user experience, new digital product and service incubation and implementation, and digital portfolio management.

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Link: An MLA Story

My department, even though I am an adjunct, is funding a part of my trip. The rest goes on credit cards, on the seemingly reasonable gamble that I will get a job that will allow me to eventually pay off this trip. An investment, a necessity of the nature of the profession.

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If I can’t love her, no one will by Fredrik deBoer

But as always with Schuman, there’s a basic question: is she more committed to improving the lives of adjuncts and unemployed PhDs, or to celebrating the demise of the old academic model and mocking those still trying to navigate within it?

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It’s not the supply, it’s the demand by John Protevi

This Slate article about the recent Johns Hopkins plan is symptomatic of a seriously — and unfortunately widespread — mistaken approach to the political economy of higher education, namely, a short-term and ahistorical focus on the TT section of the entire labor system, mislabeled as “the job market.”

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Early Modern Data Curation Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of English and University Libraries jointly seek an Early Modern Data Curation Fellow to lead data curation activities for the Six Degrees of Francis Bacon (SDFB) project, a digital reconstruction of the early modern social network that scholars and students can collaboratively expand, revise, curate, and critique. The fellow will leverage… Read more »

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Multiclass Career

If you’ve switched careers, how has the change helped or hindered your role in your organization?