Programming & Hacks

Using Python to Build the Video Game: Asteroids

This week I made the classic game Asteroids using Python and the Pygame library for an introductory computer science class I’m taking. The assignment was both challenging and fun. We learned how object oriented programming works and that we are all capable of building games. The other lesson I learned is how much trigonometry I’ve… Read more »


Code School Launches Ruby Bits Part 2

If you haven’t checked out Code School, it’s a great self-paced tutorial site for learning how to code, similar to Codecademy, but with a much different look and feel. While MOOC’s may open up education as well, not all of us can follow along to a course schedule. Now that you know about Code School,… Read more »

Programming & Hacks

WordPress Themes

It’s been months since I last messed around with WordPress themes. My goal for today was to have a page show content from multiple categories. I’ve come across it before, but couldn’t get it to work. Then, discovered the category taxonomy solved my problem by setting the topmost category as a menu item. What’s your… Read more »