How to Negotiate Your Scholarly Publishing Contract

For a wonderful blog post that details one writer’s experience navigating the world of scholarly publishing, please read “Proof” by Micah Vandegrift. You can also read open-access versions of the articles that were printed in the Journal of Library Administration‘s Special Issue: Digitial Humanities in Libraries – New Models For Scholarly Engagement, if you don’t… Read more »

Digital Humanities

Anvil Academic’s Built Upon Series

Build it. Publish it. Share it. Invite scholars to build upon it. Anvil Academic’s first publishing venture is the Built Upon series. The “series encourages authors to investigate and invigorate pre-existing digital tools and collections in developing their own scholarly arguments or pedagogical projects.” Digital projects suffer from lack of attention and being lost in… Read more »


Open Access Explained

If you are a librarian, you may be aware that it’s Open Access Week. If you are a faculty member, you may have heard the term open access spoken to you by a librarian. Think back. It’s there. It may also be muddled with something like journal subscriptions. Bundling. The big deal. If you’ve interacted… Read more »