Digital Preservation

No, Andy, Amazon Won’t Be Around Forever

Last week I attended a talk by Andy Ihnatko at the Nashua Public Library. He talked about a lot of interesting things and gave us a close-up of Google Glass in action, but there was one point I had to take issue with. He said it was unreasonable to complain about Amazon’s DRM, because you… Read more »

Digital Preservation

The Suicide of MySpace

MySpace has been in decline for a long time, but now they’ve committed suicide spectacularly. It deleted all its users’ blogs without any warning or any recovery option. The fan bases of big stars have been deleted, and they have to start collecting fans all over again. Users are furious. I warned about this in… Read more »

Digital Preservation

Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving

The Library of Congress has put together some of the most interesting posts on digital archiving from its blog, The Signal, as a free PDF e-book. Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving is an interesting and readable collection for people in the library world who want to promote digital preservation on a personal level.

Digital Preservation

The Challenge to Future Historians

The best computer storage devices that exist today are ephemeral compared to primitive technology such as engraved rocks. A stone tablet can last for millennia, but anything we can store files on will very likely be useless in 50 years. However, there are some prospects for seriously long-lived media in the labs. Researchers at Berkeley… Read more »


Personal Digital Archiving 2013

The Personal Digital Archiving 2013 conference will be held on February 21-22 at the University of Maryland. This will be the first one that I’ve attended, but going by last year’s program, it should be full of discussions of practical issues. The very impressive keynote speech is available as a video. In it, Mike Ashenfelder… Read more »