CrunchU into a Million Little Pieces


It was only a matter of time. After reporting and issuing press releases on startups for years, TechCrunch / Michael Arrington spun out CrunchFund to invest in startups. That move raised some questions regarding perception and integrity. Now, with the fervor for MOOCs and calls to disrupt higher education amidst fears of a bubble, TechCrunch decided to get into the online education game with CrunchU.


Imagine the California Gold Rush. Imagine eager young men looking to make it rich. Imagine online courses offered to them. Introduction to Panning. Staking a Claim Crash Course. Get Momentum: Start a Business You Love. When I think of CrunchU, I think of the pseudo-memoir A Million Little Pieces, an opportunistic move to cash in and sell a story to those who want to believe.

Is the next Mark Zuckerburg currently enrolled in Introduction to Growth Hacking or How to Convince Native Americans You’re Not Stealing Their Land? I don’t know, but I strongly doubt it. But for a fee, you can learn from the best, or at least those TechCrunch has a relationship with and has deemed the best, and most importantly, you can believe in that startup story with the streets paved in goldly (it’s my new startup to disrupt the commodity trading market).

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