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College Applicants Find a Spot in the Social Media Graveyard

Social Media Graveyard

Welcome to the social media graveyard. Joining the ranks of Gilbert Gottfried, Pax Dickinson,¬†Mike Bacsik, as well as lesser known workers, we can now make room for college applicants. In a New York Times article “They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets.” and follow-up blog post “In College Admissions, Social Media Can Be a Double-Edged Sword,” Natasha Singer interviewed college admissions councillors and investigated how social media affected the application process.

Social media, personal branding, and netiquette offer pitfalls for professionals, but what about high school age students? Accounts can be made private, names can be changed, but the damage may be done.

If you’re a high school student, teacher, or parent of college bound kids, what kind of conversations are taking place regarding social media? Is this something you consciously think about or is it relatively new?

On a different note, for those in higher education, how do you navigate social media with your students? Do you articulate boundaries or do you follow a more freeform engagement?

If this topic interests you, and you’re in the central Arkansas region, come out to our first Higher Ed Tweetup / Happy Hour Thursday or share your experiences below.

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