Will Edwin Mellen Press Sue Google Over Search Algorithm?

If you haven’t heard the news, Edwin Mellen Press is suing a librarian from McMaster University over a blog post (since removed), which criticized the quality of materials the press publishes. You can read more at Insider Higher Ed from the article, “Price of a Bad Review.” Furthermore, the original blog post and notice of action are available¬†here.

[Updated at 1:04 pm CT] McMaster’s public statement regarding the lawsuit is available here.

In the time of the digital age though, how does one control perceptions whether they are true or false? Below is a screen shot from my Google search of Edwin Mellen Press.

Edwin Mellen Press Related Google Searches

Suing a librarian, may quell one voice in a crowd, but how do you shut down a search algorithm?

Timothy A. Lepczyk

Tim is an instructional technologist and former librarian. On the side, he writes fiction and poetry, and publishes the magazine Scintilla. You can follow him on Twitter at @thirdcoast.

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