The Secret Titles of Librarians

In my post last week about skills and titles for libraries, I asked librarians what their secret or unofficial title is at work. The inspiration for looking at “secret titles” came from Rands in Repose. Of the librarians that responded to my survey, over 1/3 felt their title did not match well with what they actually did at work.

Below are some of my favorite unofficial titles that people wrote.

  • Expert on All Things Mobile
  • Doer of Whatever Needs to Be Done
  • Library Teacher
  • Virtual Services Librarian
  • Shoutreach Librarian
  • Scholarly Communications, Digital Projects, and Copyright Info Librarian
  • Children’s Librarian Extraordinaire!
  • The Clearinghouse
  • Departmental Therapist

New Additions: September 2014

  • Comics Crusader
  • XML Alchemist

These unofficial titles relate to the skills librarians identified, especially the need to be flexible, adept with technology, and service oriented.

If you missed out on the survey, please comment below.

What’s your secret title at work?

What's your secret identity?

What’s your secret identity?


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