Innovation Hub’s First Hub-Ub

When: 6-7 pm on February 4, 2014
Where: The Joint, 301 Main Street, North Little Rock
What: Person on stage sharing an idea they’re passionate about or starting a conversation that falls into the realm of technology, innovation, hacking, etc. Joel Gordon, Director of the Launch Pad, will be the first speaker at this inaugural event. His talk is titled “The Make Movement and the Maker’s Mindset.”

“If you are a Maker, Hacker, Modder or DIYer, if you are a person who would rather fix it than throw it away, if you have a remote controlled lawn-mower or a Tesla Coil in your garage,YOU need to come to the inaugural Hub-UB,” Joel says. “Bring yourself, bring a friend and bring your home-built robot! “

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Joel Gordon

Hey Kids! If you haven’t heard, The Hub-UB has moved to The Art Connection. It’s just one block East at 204 East 4th Street. Drop by and check out the future home of The Arkansas Innovation Hub.

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