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How to Grade Collaborative Work

The Association of American Colleges & Universities created a rubric for evaluating teamwork. If you’re creating a team-based assignment or collaborative project, this rubric offers a good way to evaluate the process and not focus entirely on the product. The rubric breaks down teamwork to five areas: Contributes to team meetings Facilitates the contributions of team… Read more »

Higher Education

Geeks and Non-Geeks: From Contraxioms to Collaboration in Higher Education

Written by Paul Glen and Maria McManus, and published by Educause. Information technology is disrupting colleges and universities, forcing them to reevaluate their missions, methods, and business models. Everyone knows this. Even that bowtie-wearing emeritus professor who stubbornly clings to his IBM Selectric typewriter understands that the institution must adapt or die. Of course, no… Read more »

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Bring Your Awesome

Here’s a link to a post “Risk Being Awesome,” that I wrote for Collegiate Collaborations. We talk about collaboration and doing cool projects, but what are the barriers stopping us? And, are those barriers real or perceived? Don’t wait for the opportunity to come along. Bring your awesome and do something.


Weekly Ed-Tech / Digital Scholarship Trends: February 27, 2013

Sustainability of Digitized Special Collections As libraries continue to digitize special collections, ARL and Ithaka S+R have released a report  Appraising our Digital Investment: Sustainability of Digitized Special Collections in ARL Libraries (PDF) that offers a snapshot of research libraries digitization efforts.