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Another Publisher Wants to Sue Librarians

Has Edwin Mellen Press set a trend? On the heels of Edwin Mellen Press’ lawsuit against librarian, Dale Askey, now OMICS Publishing Group, based in India, is threatening to sue Jeffrey Beall a metadata librarian at the University of Colorado–Denver regarding posts he wrote for his blog, Scholarly Open Access.  If the trend keeps up, will… Read more »


The Chronicle & Edwin Mellen Press

I just wanted to bring a couple of developments to your attention. The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article last week “Herbert Richardson v. the World,” which lays out the lawsuit from Dr. Richardson’s perspective and incorporates reporting from others involved in the legal actions. In a follow up to the article, The Chronicle… Read more »


Edwin Mellen Press Twitter Parody Account

You know you’ve made it when people start copying and parodying you. The question is: who should be flattered, the person or people behind @FakeElsevier or Edwin Mellen Press? Maybe, just maybe, creating a fake parody twitter account of one’s own company would be the last tactic anyone would suspect in order to combat “the… Read more »


Never Put Salt in Your Eyes and the Edwin Mellen Press

The Society for Scholarly Publishing removed two blog posts and associated comments after receiving letters threatening a lawsuit from Edwin Mellen Press. Additional comments about the blogpost removal can be read at the Chronicle’s Wired Campus. Besides the blogpost removals, it seems that Edwin Mellen Press is making a digital land grab on Dale Askey… Read more »


More Librarians Urge EMP to End Lawsuit

More librarians are publicly voicing their support for librarian, Dale Askey and urging EMP to drop its final lawsuit. The latest group is from George Washington University. Do you care about libraries and academic freedom? Are librarians from your organization planning something similar?


Boycott Begins as Librarians Unite Against Edwin Mellen Press

It was only a matter of time. Librarians who belong to the Ryerson Faculty Association have begun to boycott EMP and will not purchase any more titles until the press drops the lawsuit against Dale Askey. While the fervor of Edwin Mellen Press’ lawsuit against librarian, Dale Askey has waned since EMP dropped the joint… Read more »


Weekly Ed-Tech / Digital Scholarship Trends: March 6, 2013

SXSWedu South by Southwest Edu (SXSWedu) is in full swing. Expect a spate of blogposts with the words “launch,” “game-changer,” “dynamic,” “app,” “tablet,” and “future” to burst forth on the web. You can follow along on Twitter and play bingo on your own.


Contact Edwin Mellen Press to Drop Second Lawsuit

Yesterday, there was an announcement that Edwin Mellen Press had dropped the lawsuit against McMaster University and Associate University Librarian, Dale Askey. While it is true that EMP has dropped one lawsuit, it still has a second lawsuit against Dale Askey. If you feel strongly about this topic, I suggest you contact Iona Williams <> or… Read more »


Price of a Bad Lawsuit

[Update: 3/5/2013] Edwin Mellen Press still has one lawsuit pending against librarian, Dale Askey.  The Canadian Broadcasting Company reports that Edwin Mellen Press has dropped the lawsuit against McMaster University and Associate University Librarian, Dale Askey. In a disjointed press release, Edwin Mellen Press references a letter by the Association of Canadian Academic Presses, which… Read more »