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K-12 Education

Pre-K – 12 Teaching Tech Infographic

PBS Learning Media put together this infographic from their recent survey on how teachers use technology in the classroom. Teachers from pre-kindergarten through high school were surveyed. Source: via PBS on Pinterest


Infographic: The Future of Libraries

Open Site has created a new infographic on the future of libraries. With libraries reporting an increased demand for technology, they are also finding the technology they have is not enough. While this offers a snapshot of trends, how might these trends be extrapolated?


The End of Printing on College Campuses?

Education News put together an info-graphic highlighting the decline of printers on college campuses. Coincidentally, my wife, Ruthann Thomas, who is a professor at Hendrix College gave her students the opportunity to opt-in to a paperless semester. All handouts will be delivered electronically and assignments will be submitted, graded, and returned electronically too. If you’re willing to go the… Read more »