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Archivists in France Fight a Privacy Initiative

Written by Eric Pfanner and published in the New York Times. One of the European Union’s measures would grant Internet users a “right to be forgotten,” letting them delete damaging references to themselves in search engines, or drunken party photos from social networks. But a group of French archivists, the people whose job it is… Read more »

Higher Education

Geeks and Non-Geeks: From Contraxioms to Collaboration in Higher Education

Written by Paul Glen and Maria McManus, and published by Educause. Information technology is disrupting colleges and universities, forcing them to reevaluate their missions, methods, and business models. Everyone knows this. Even that bowtie-wearing emeritus professor who stubbornly clings to his IBM Selectric typewriter understands that the institution must adapt or die. Of course, no… Read more »