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Video: Teaching with Twitter – Pedagogy & Practice

In this video, Dr. Robert Williamson, Jr. (@rwilliamsonjr) of Hendrix College talks about how he teaches with Twitter. The video was created from a Google Hangout, Social Media in the Classroom: Extending the Learning Community, between Dr. Robert Williamson, Jr. and Dr. Amanda Hagood (@ACSLearning) as part of the Associated Colleges of the South’s Blended… Read more »


Twitter: Making a Digital Display for Your Office Door

Inspired by a ProfHacker article from a few years back, I decided to try using Twitter to create a digital sign outside my office door. That way, I can let students know if I’m available for a drop-in conversation or whether I’m prepping for class and don’t want to be disturbed. It also lets me… Read more »

Digital Humanities

It Takes a Village to Teach DH

It takes a village to teach intro to DH. I firmly believe that digital humanities is a team sport where faculty, technologists, and librarians play an equal part. This orientation is especially true in my intro to dh course. This semester, Jim and I have been lucky that many of our colleagues from the other… Read more »


Online Learning and the Tyranny of the Database

A recent Techcrunch article concerning MOOCs suggested that a majority of people teaching online felt their online course shouldn’t count for college credit. And yet, a refrain I have heard several times recently is that online courses are actually more difficult than the face-to-face course, which got me thinking about what exactly is meant by… Read more »