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Future Trends in Technology and Education by Bryan Alexander

If you’ve not had the pleasure of reading Bryan Alexander’s NITLE Future Trends, you’ve been missing out. They provide a wonderful, monthly snapshot of trends in education in a context that extends beyond one’s own campus. However, you no longer have to miss out. As part of a new consulting venture, Bryan is continuing the… Read more »


Weekly Ed-Tech / Digital Scholarship Trends: February 6th, 2013

Bill of Rights for Online Learners Stakeholders in educational technology drafted a Bill of Rights for online learners, which then drew criticism from other stakeholders as published in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. That criticism prompted a thoughtful rebuttal from Cathy Davidson. As MOOC companies become more entwined with higher education, expect greater calls for… Read more »


Ed Tech Trends, January 30th, 2013

“College Degree, No Class Time Required”┬áby Caroline Porter, Wall Street Journal Wisconsin officials tout the UW Flexible Option as the first to offer multiple, competency-based bachelor’s degrees from a public university system. Officials encourage students to complete their education independently through online courses, which have grown in popularity through efforts by companies such as Coursera,… Read more »