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Reflections on the #NewLib Master MOOC

My general track record with MOOCs falls in line with most students. I sign up; sit through a video lecture; and then I walk away. However, I signed up for the MOOC on New Librarianship offered through Syracuse and feel this time will be different. What attracts me to this course is the opportunity to… Read more »


Audio and Video on Library Websites

Audio and video media are becoming an increasingly important part of libraries’ online holdings. Distribution may need to be limited to in-library devices or authorized users. The issue isn’t basically different from written documents and images, but it’s more technically complicated, and rights holders are often more sensitive about letting AV get into unauthorized hands…. Read more »


Never Put Salt in Your Eyes and the Edwin Mellen Press

The Society for Scholarly Publishing removed two blog posts and associated comments after receiving letters threatening a lawsuit from Edwin Mellen Press. Additional comments about the blogpost removal can be read at the Chronicle’s Wired Campus. Besides the blogpost removals, it seems that Edwin Mellen Press is making a digital land grab on Dale Askey… Read more »