Reader Recommendations: Tell Us the Tech You Love

Lately, I’ve been talking about productivity / project management software, specifically, Trello and Asana. In using and writing about technology, it’s apparent how difficult it is to stay on top of emerging technologies. We all have our own filter bubbles and there may be things we miss. With that in mind, I’m interested in hearing from readers.

What technology do you love using and why should a colleague check it out?



Here are some of my favorite productivity tools:
– LastPass: allowing you to deal with the many passwords you create for different websites.
– RescueTime: keeps track of everything you do during the day, enabling to clearly analyze where you have spent your time and how to optimise.
– StayFocusd add-in for Google Chrome: allows you to control the time you spend on certain distracting websites.


Cleartune: iOS tuning app for guitar Software as a Service (SaaS) h.323 teleconferencing bridge
Dropbox: SaaS Cloud Storage for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
Evernote: SaaS Cloud Storage for Notes, Recordings, and Photos
Skitch: Image Capture and Annotation for Mac, Android, and iOS


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