Skip the Awkward Conference Social and Head to the Tweetup

Dr. Akira O’Connor (@akiraoc) has a wonderful post on his blog about conference socials and tweetups. Networking is not something that’s easy to do, at least for those of us who are not extroverts. Having spent many years working in libraries, I’ve attended a lot of conferences filled with introverts. Last year, I attended the Code4Lib Conference in Seattle and had a different experience. Many of the attendees use Twitter regularly and the difference was staggering. While there was not a tweetup, I often had this experience upon introducing myself. “Oh, you’re singlesoliloquy. I follow you on Twitter. I’m so-and-so.”

If you’re an early career academic or librarian, do you use Twitter? Why or why not? What’s been your experience?

Timothy A. Lepczyk

Tim is an instructional technologist and former librarian. On the side, he writes fiction and poetry, and publishes the magazine Scintilla. You can follow him on Twitter at @thirdcoast.

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