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Getting Animated in the Library–GIFs

by Lydia Willoughby, Reference Librarian at Vermont Technical College  With recent coverage in Wired Magazine and NYPL’s amazing Stereogranmator, as well as social media wading into the animated waters with SnapChat, Vine and GifBoom, the age of the GIF is here. Hell, it’s even the Oxford English Dictionary’s 2012 Word of the Year!


Kickstarting Education

Written by Russell Warner. With public education funding coming under increasing scrutiny, it can be difficult for teachers to insure that they are addressing basic educational needs, let alone find the capacity or space in their budgets to do something creative or original. So, like many artists that have chosen to trod the new territory… Read more »


Austin College Digital Humanities Colloquium Wrap-up

Written by Matthew Windsor, Visiting Librarian at Hendrix College. Austin College Humanities Division faculty recently hosted a Digital Humanities Colloquium, bringing together digital media experts from around the country (and Hong Kong) to facilitate a discussion on the intersection of the digital world with the humanities. For those of you who were unable to attend… Read more »