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Higher Education

One Flew Over the MOOC-oo’s Nest

“If you don’t watch it people will force you one way or the other, into doing what they think you should do, or into just being mule-stubborn and doing the opposite out of spite.” ― Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest This is a story about failure. It’s a story about learning and… Read more »

Digital Library Jobs

Digital Archivist: Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, seeks an articulate, creative & “can-do” individual for the Digital Archivist position. The Museum’s mission is to preserve and present for posterity the artifacts and stories of the information age. This unique and exciting institution is home to one of the largest collections… Read more »

Digital Humanities

Share Your Digital Projects

Digital projects foster ownership. Whether you’re a PI, a collaborator, or a student worker whom transcribes or scans documents, chances are you feel proud of the work you’ve done. That part of the project exists because of your hard work. A thoughtful PI usually includes a credits page that resembles the credits of a movie,… Read more »

Digital Library Jobs

Emerging Technologies Librarian: Adams State University

The Adams State University’s Nielsen Library is currently seeking applicants for an Emerging Technologies Librarian. This position is responsible for the identification, evaluation, and implementation of current and emerging technologies. This position also provides reference assistance, subject expertise in an academic area, acts as liaison to the Computing Services department and the Marmot library consortium, and serves on library… Read more »


Meet the Biblio-Mat: The Random Book Vending Machine

Yesterday, I heard this story on NPR about a book vending machine in Toronto that randomly dispenses used books. It sounded bizarre, so I hunted down the video to share. The Biblio-Mat is a cool idea and a fun way to dispose of hard to move book titles. The BIBLIO-MAT from Craig Small on Vimeo…. Read more »


Learning More about the Saylor Foundation

In the last six months the buzz has been about Coursera, Udacity, Khan Academy, and edX, but what about the Saylor Foundation? If you want to learn more about the Saylor Foundation and the story behind the non-profit, check out “A Dot-Com Entrepreneur’s Wild Ambition: Drive Education Costs to Zero” published in the Chronicle of… Read more »


Skip the Awkward Conference Social and Head to the Tweetup

Dr. Akira O’Connor (@akiraoc) has a wonderful post on his blog about conference socials and tweetups. Networking is not something that’s easy to do, at least for those of us who are not extroverts. Having spent many years working in libraries, I’ve attended a lot of conferences filled with introverts. Last year, I attended the… Read more »


Reader Recommendations: Tell Us the Tech You Love

Lately, I’ve been talking about productivity / project management software, specifically, Trello and Asana. In using and writing about technology, it’s apparent how difficult it is to stay on top of emerging technologies. We all have our own filter bubbles and there may be things we miss. With that in mind, I’m interested in hearing… Read more »