K-12 Education

Students Embrace Mobile Reading and Improve Skills with Copia

In a recent press release, Copia announced the development of  “an enhanced version of its learning solution specifically designed to meet the needs of K-12 students and educators.” The New Open World (NOW) Academy in Los Angeles has been piloting the software since summer 2012 in order to improve students’ reading skills as well as their… Read more »


3D Printing Hits Hendrix College

Last spring,  faculty and staff at Hendrix College wrote a grant for a MakerBot Replicator 2 to be used in the Physics and Theatre departments. This week, KTHV, the local CBS affiliate came out and did a story on 3D printing and how the printer will be used at Hendrix. Is your institution moving into 3D printing?… Read more »


Future Trends in Technology and Education by Bryan Alexander

If you’ve not had the pleasure of reading Bryan Alexander’s NITLE Future Trends, you’ve been missing out. They provide a wonderful, monthly snapshot of trends in education in a context that extends beyond one’s own campus. However, you no longer have to miss out. As part of a new consulting venture, Bryan is continuing the… Read more »


Instructional Tech Workshops: Find a Champion, Tell a Story

Inside Higher Ed has a post by Matt Reed “Workshops Don’t Work” that treads the familiar territory of low faculty turnout for workshops. However, is it that workshops do not work or is there a gap between what librarians and instructional tech coordinators think faculty want or should know, and what faculty really want? I’ll… Read more »

Higher Education

Geeks and Non-Geeks: From Contraxioms to Collaboration in Higher Education

Written by Paul Glen and Maria McManus, and published by Educause. Information technology is disrupting colleges and universities, forcing them to reevaluate their missions, methods, and business models. Everyone knows this. Even that bowtie-wearing emeritus professor who stubbornly clings to his IBM Selectric typewriter understands that the institution must adapt or die. Of course, no… Read more »


CrunchU into a Million Little Pieces

It was only a matter of time. After reporting and issuing press releases on startups for years, TechCrunch / Michael Arrington spun out CrunchFund to invest in startups. That move raised some questions regarding perception and integrity. Now, with the fervor for MOOCs and calls to disrupt higher education amidst fears of a bubble, TechCrunch decided… Read more »

Higher Education

Will You Revamp Your Course This Summer?

Grades are posted. Gowns will be donned. Tassels will be flipped and faculty will move from teaching to summer projects. Fall 2013 is far away at this point, but summer is the perfect time to utilize academic support staff on twelve month contracts. Need help creating blended learning modules? In search of support for using… Read more »