Digital Preservation

No, Andy, Amazon Won’t Be Around Forever

Last week I attended a talk by Andy Ihnatko at the Nashua Public Library. He talked about a lot of interesting things and gave us a close-up of Google Glass in action, but there was one point I had to take issue with. He said it was unreasonable to complain about Amazon’s DRM, because you… Read more »


Learning from Facebook’s Blunders: 3 Rules for Confidential Data

Facebook’s atrocious treatment of user privacy isn’t news anymore, but the details are worth studying if you deal in sensitive data. Educational institutions handle a lot of confidential information, so let’s look at how Facebook inadvertently disclosed personal information on millions of users. The immediate cause of the leak was a software bug. Software is… Read more »

Digital Preservation

The Suicide of MySpace

MySpace has been in decline for a long time, but now they’ve committed suicide spectacularly. It deleted all its users’ blogs without any warning or any recovery option. The fan bases of big stars have been deleted, and they have to start collecting fans all over again. Users are furious. I warned about this in… Read more »

Higher Education

Geeks and Non-Geeks: From Contraxioms to Collaboration in Higher Education

Written by Paul Glen and Maria McManus, and published by Educause. Information technology is disrupting colleges and universities, forcing them to reevaluate their missions, methods, and business models. Everyone knows this. Even that bowtie-wearing emeritus professor who stubbornly clings to his IBM Selectric typewriter understands that the institution must adapt or die. Of course, no… Read more »


Create Your Writing Projects with Scrivener

Scrivener is my favorite application for writing. Instead of the flat format of MS Word, writing is envisioned as a larger, fluid project and Scrivener makes it possible to organize your research, rearrange parts or scenes in a manner that is simple and stylish. If you’re interested in learning more about Scrivener, you may want… Read more »


Backup Your Photos with Flickr

It’s summer time. Vacation time. Time to snap photos of friends and family. In order to preserve your photos, you may want to look toward Flickr as another place to store images so they don’t get lost. In a move that makes Google Drive look tightfisted, Flickr now offers users 1 terabyte of storage for… Read more »


The Success of Quest-Based Learning at Boise State University

Written by Lauren Sloss and published by Edcetera. Students in Chris Haskell’s teacher training classes at Boise State University learn by completing digital “quests.” If an assignment has mistakes, Haskell will return it to the student to correct. If it doesn’t, the student will be rewarded a certain number of “experience points” counting toward the final grade…. Read more »


Google’s Aggregator Gives Way to an Heir

Written by David Pogue and published by the New York Times. The one everybody keeps saying is the natural heir to Google Reader, though, is In fact, Feedly says the ranks of its four million users have swelled to seven million since Google’s Reader death sentence was announced. I’ve made the move to Feedly and… Read more »