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Google Prevails Over Authors in Digital Books Case

Reported by Jonathan Stempel and published by Reuters. Google Inc on Thursday won the dismissal of a lawsuit by authors who accused it of digitally copying millions of books for an online library without permission. “In my view, Google Books provide significant public benefits,” Chin wrote.


Will Edwin Mellen Press Sue Google Over Search Algorithm?

If you haven’t heard the news, Edwin Mellen Press is suing a librarian from McMaster University over a blog post (since removed), which criticized the quality of materials the press publishes. You can read more at Insider Higher Ed from the article, “Price of a Bad Review.” Furthermore, the original blog post and notice of… Read more »


How to Create Network Graphs with Google Fusion Tables

Network graphs are great ways to explore relationships. Unsure?  Just ask Facebook, they’re betting big on Graph Search. While network graphs are useful tools, there may be obstacles for people who feel they don’t have the tech skills necessary to create them. Don’t worry, you don’t need to understand RDF or install Protégé. All you need is Excel… Read more »


Using Google+ Communities for Online Study Sessions

Today, Google launched Google+ Communities, a new feature of their social networking service. Already, Code4Lib, a “volunteer-driven collective of hackers, designers, architects, curators, catalogers, artists and instigators from around the world, who largely work for and with libraries, archives and museums on technology ‘stuff’,” has created a community to further bring members together. Seeing the… Read more »


Google Course Builder

Is it too soon to call 2012 the year of the MOOC?* In case you don’t want to be left out of the MOOC craze sweeping academia, maybe you should start your own MOOC. Sounds great, but where to start? Last month Google quietly released Google Course Builder for anyone to use. For more information,… Read more »