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Eliademy Jumps on Google’s Data Mining of Student Info

NSA monitoring, inBloom implosion, people are edgy about data and privacy. Google doesn’t use data from Apps for Education to tailor ads, but they’re still using the data. Will teachers and students be alright with Google’s data collection or will there be more distrust and a search for more secure solutions?

Technology vs Google Drive (Spreadsheet)

The tagline for is “a simple and beautiful way for teachers to manage their students, grades, and assignments online.” Describing the application in a TechCrunch write up, Arlton Lowry, one of the co-founders stated: “I just wanted to be able to easily manage my students, manage my class and assignments and get through the day,”… Read more »


Online Learning and the Tyranny of the Database

A recent Techcrunch article concerning MOOCs suggested that a majority of people teaching online felt their online course shouldn’t count for college credit. And yet, a refrain I have heard several times recently is that online courses are actually more difficult than the face-to-face course, which got me thinking about what exactly is meant by… Read more »